Maintain your home by cutting out a latte or two a week!

As posted previously this week on social media, we have become licensed to perform plumbing work in Minnesota! This licensing process has taken place alongside preparation of our Home Maintenance Program. This program will further enable us to perform our mission, which is to allow all homeowners the opportunity to love their home. Through revivals of various home spaces(kitchens, baths, etc) and home services(maintenance program, service plumbing, handyman tasks, etc), we aim to accomplish this mission.

Charlie is our MN Master Plumber, license number PM068858. Read to learn more about him and how he came to join Home Revivers. After becoming licensed at the beginning of March, he has been off and running in performing plumbing services in primarily the Maple Grove, MN area! His first service call, while simple in nature and seemingly minor, is one that has many adverse effects if it goes untouched.

See pictures to gain an initial understanding of this service call regarding toilets that would constantly run..

Toilet fix Maple Grove, MN

Margaret, a kind senior living on her own, had been living with three toilets that would not seal properly after flushing. This led to toilets that would constantly be slowly filling, therefore wasting unnecessary water. While the pictures above may be underwhelming, this one hour service, plus minor parts costs, changed many things for Margaret.

Earlier this year, Margaret had a new water softening system installed to serve her whole house. After getting this installed, she didn’t notice any difference in the water quality. Come to find out, after making multiple calls and having various service technicians visit and diagnose, the water softener was not regenerating properly and thus not operating as intended. This was a direct result of these leaky toilet valves. After Charlie replaced the innards of the 3 toilets, and helping Margaret with a few additional items, he spent some time fully educating Margaret on the work he completed and scheduled another appointment to fix additional items.

Our Home Maintenance Program Initial Rollout

Through the course of mine and Charlie’s careers, we have picked up on many nuances in the home service industry. If you are a homeowner, how many various business and service contractors have you used and try to keep track of? What if there was a company that could offer these services in a concierge package, giving you the ease of mind knowing your home is well maintained in a hassle free fashion?

Many of our clients have expressed frustration at having to spend so much time finding qualified and trustworthy technicians for all the various tasks required to properly maintain their home. When, or if, they establish a list of these contractors, they then need to try and remember to stay up to date on all of the tasks. We are here to change all of that, with a service custom tailored to you and your home’s needs.

Basic Service Package-Visit home in spring and fall and complete the following tasks:


  1. Furnace filter replacement

  2. Test furnace and A/C

  3. Wash A/C Unit (Condensing Coil)

  4. Adjust Humidity Levels for coming warm seasons

  5. Clean dryer vent

  6. Run/Test Sump Pump

  7. Test Smoke/CO Detectors

  8. Inspect all Plumbing fixtures and beneath sinks

  9. Inspect exterior of home for winter damage using drone (drone pictures/video sent to client along with recommendations)


  1. Furnace filter replacement

  2. Test Furnace

  3. Adjust humidity levels for coming cold seasons

  4. Clean dryer vent

  5. Run/test sump pump

  6. Test Smoke/CO detectors

  7. Flush Water Heater

  8. Test T&P valve on water heater

  9. Inspect all plumbing fixtures and beneath sinks

Basic Service Package cost-$399 per year*, can be paid annually, bi-annually, or monthly.

Along with these basic services, you will also receive access to your home’s file and view photos, recommendations, updates, upcoming service, and a monthly newsletter with valuable tips and reminders.

There is a long list of service additions depending on your home and situation. During our initial consultation, we will recommend certain items and give you an updated price. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Receive scheduled service 4x, 6x, or 12x per year

  2. Start up/blow out irrigation systems

  3. Perform Backflow valve inspections

  4. Rodent inspections

  5. Lawn Care

  6. Snow Removal

  7. Clean air exchanger filters

  8. Softener salt fill

  9. Drain Cleaning

  10. Clean garbage disposal

  11. Interior Paint touch up/repaint

  12. Exterior Paint touch up/repaint

  13. Gutter Cleaning

  14. Home Appliance Inspection/Tune up

  15. Clean Window Screens

  16. Inspect Caulking

  17. Oil Hinges

  18. Clean kitchen exhaust filter

To show our appreciation, the first 25 customers will receive an additional free hour of handyman services! Shoot Charlie or Brandon an email or phone call to learn more about this service!

Charlie- C- (612) 5050-4111

Brandon- C- (612) 772-8599

Stay tuned for a service booklet!

*This includes roughly 2.5 hours total service, materials to cover the basic service package, access to your home’s service file, and a monthly newsletter.