New partner in business!?

We welcome Charlie Jurmu to the team at Home Revivers and are excited to see what the future holds for all of us! While Mitchell and I had a solid and productive week at our latest remodel in Minnetonka, MN, Charlie and his family spent the week packing up their home near Glenwood Springs, CO preparing to make the move to MN. While moving was primarily the result of wanting to live closer to family, Charlie also had an interest in expanding the services that Home Revivers offers.

As stated on our about page, , Charlie has spent his career primarily in plumbing, doing new construction and remodel work at first but later specializing in service work. Through service work, Charlie found his niche. He co-founded a plumbing business in Aspen, CO and later solely operated the business until his departure to MN. In operating this business, Charlie learned more about his deep appreciation for customer service and also continued to expand his knowledge and skills. His old business continues to thrive today after a previous employee of his took over.

He has now joined me as a partner in Home Revivers. After discussing and pondering this move for a few months, it seems like a win/win for him and I. Through similar core values and differing talents and skills we believe we are now better positioned to serve our clients. We will be integrating a home concierge service to our business. Through this service, we aim to take care of client’s small problems before they become big problems!

We will be offering different service packages tailored to you and your home’s needs. Whether it is a biannual home inspection or a 4 times per year “handyman hour”, we are here to take the headache out of owning a home! Follow us on Instagram @homerevivers, visit our Facebook page- , or stay tuned to our website to follow along on our journey!

Lastly is a shoutout to Mitchell Laho, who joined our team last week as a general craftsman specializing in painting! Him and I spent the week at our latest remodel in Minnetonka, MN and I was very impressed throughout the week with how quickly he picked up on subtleties of remodeling. On Friday, during priming of walls and painting of ceilings, I got to further appreciate his skills as I watched him operate the paint sprayer. We look forward to seeing his development within Home Revivers as well!