Two Months In..

As the title states, we have now been in business for two months! It has been quite an interesting ride so far and it looks like it will continue for the foreseeable future. There have certainly been difficulties and headaches, but the rewards have already outnumbered those difficulties.

Prior to leaving my previous employer, a top Twin Cities luxury home builder, I had floated the idea to a number of family and friends. Through that, I was fortunate to line up a few projects that could be started soon after. From an early kitchen and stairs remodel, to multiple bathroom remodels, and most recently revival of a stair set and construction of a custom, built in computer desk, it has been rewarding to have a hand in further creating the home that each of these clients envision. To see a bathroom that is unused and lacking attention revived to a bathroom that everyone wants to use is what makes all of the difficulty, hard work, and frustrations worth it. We got into this business to help our customers love the home they live in. Sure, we need to make a profit along the way to remain in business but it has long been our belief that if we provide a fantastic service and quality for a fair value first and always, we will create life lasting relationships built on trust, integrity and honesty. By creating these sort of relationships is what we hope allows us to remain in business and not be another fly by night construction company.

The upcoming few months appear very promising and we will be starting a few projects that we are excited to share pictures and progress of. We also have some exciting things happening in house that we will be ready to share by Mid-February or so.. View the slideshow below to see what we have been up to and if you would like to stay tuned, follow us on Instagram @homerevivers and Facebook - Home Revivers LLC. This blog and website will be updated as well, though not as often. Thanks to all who have helped make our dream a reality, whether by spreading the word, giving referrals, or whatever it may be. It is much appreciated!

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