What am I doing?!

Written by Brandon 

With the formation of Home Revivers LLC, I am fulfilling a dream that I have had since childhood. At that point, while constructing forts and ramps with my brothers, it seemed obvious that we would have a construction company together. However, life happened and we all took separate career paths leaving me alone to forge the business path that I am now on. 

To those on the outside, it makes no sense why I would take this path. In the last years, I have been with a local and reputable luxury home builder here in the Twin Cities. My primary role was as a Project Superintendent managing construction of multi-million dollar residences. This position allowed some personal flexibility along with a six-figure compensation package that included a nice work truck, smartphone, laptop, paid vacation, and other benefits. Why would I give all of this up to go out on my own where nothing was guaranteed?

For many years, I kind of floated along and had no real sense of where I was going. Only in the past year or so did I realize what I truly enjoyed and gained fulfillment from. What drives me is to be able to help other people develop solutions to problems and then work through them. This, combined with my natural inclination to construction and decade of luxury home building experience, led to the creation of Home Revivers.

My goal is to provide Twin Cities homeowners with a contractor who can take on their issues as well as fulfill their dream home ideas. It is my belief that your home should not be a burden; rather you should love your home and be able to enjoy it.