We Are Ready.


Brandon Jurmu, founder/partner

From an early age, Brandon spent much of his time creating and tinkering. From building bike and skateboard ramps to remodeling forts time and time again, his passion for construction was apparent from the beginning. 

After spending a decade in the luxury home building industry, beginning as a carpenter helper and most recently as a project superintendent of $4+ million homes, he combined his passion of helping others with his construction talent and knowledge to form Home Revivers. 

When not helping solve a customer's home related issue or desire, you might find him in the outdoors spending time with his family, creating new dishes for friends, or tinkering around his own home. 


Charlie Jurmu, Partner and Master Plumber

While plumbing has been Charlie’s main focus since high school, when he attended a Twin Cities Technical College to complete his plumbing schooling, he’s learned so much more than that. He co-founded a plumbing business in Aspen, Colorado in the summer of 2015 and dedicated the next 3 1/2 years to building the business. While further developing his knowledge and skills in the plumbing craft, more importantly he gained invaluable experience in customer service and home maintenance.

In making the difficult decision to leave the beauty of Aspen and move home to Minnesota, Charlie and his family made the move in February of 2019. It seemed natural from all angles for him to partner with Brandon to diversify Home Revivers and what we could offer. His previous business in Aspen is thriving yet today after a former employee took the business over.